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Dear Sir or Madame,

as the provider of the CME training event, we award you the position of Lecturer / Reader / Moderator, for the CME pathway

If the event lasts several days, it is shown the first day


The position is awarded to you following specific evaluation, as provided for in the Regulations for the appointment of scientific/teaching leader/speaker, for Organizing CME training activities, to which we make express reference here.

The requested activity as a speaker and design of the training program and supervision of the planned activities is intended in the form of free professional service.

Organizing Srl guarantees and pursues the utmost fairness and transparency in the execution of Continuing Medical Education (hereinafter “CME”) training activities in order to protect its image and reputation. Organizing Srl adopts the corporate policy document, herewith attached, in order to prevent situations of conflict of interest (even if only potential with the health care industry), which you declare to accept.

It is understood that this assignment excludes any relationship of subordination between you and Organizing Srl, as there are no time constraints, obligations to be present on our premises or other obligations, other than by the intrinsic nature of the service, or prohibition to perform work for other principals.

If you are an employee of a public institution, the granting of this mandate will be understood to be finalized only after acquiring authorization for the acceptance of the assignment from the administration to which you belong (in compliance with Article 53 of Legislative Decree 165/2001 and subject to the exclusions provided for in the same legislation).

A copy of the authorization issued by your home administration/organization must reach us no later than seven days prior to the scheduled date of the course.

Please note that for any communication relevant to CME, Provider Organizing Srl responds to the following contact information:

Phone: +39 049 8025202
email: info@organizing.it

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