Regulations for presentation of dissemination materials at RES, FAD, FSC conferences organized directly or with the cooperation of Organizing Srl

Regulations for presentation of dissemination materials at RES, FAD, FSC conferences organized directly or with the cooperation of Organizing Srl

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Please be advised that if the proposed and submitted slides do not meet the below criteria, they can neither be screened at any in-person conference/course nor possibly published on the FAD platform of Organizing Srl Unipersonale.

With regard to the provisions of Articles 13 and 14 of the European Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR), and with regard to the provisions of Art. 11 (Confidentiality of Personal Data) of the Code of Medical Ethics approved by the National Federation of the Orders of Surgeons and Dentists, with regard to the information disclosed at the congress (slides, videos, photographs, documents, etc.) the medical Author/Relator must ensure the non-identifiability, even indirectly, of the individuals involved in the scientific publications or disclosures of data and clinical studies, and therefore it is not permitted to report within the aforementioned material, information, images, data or indications of various kinds that may, alone or combined, directly and/or indirectly, lead back to the identity of patients.

For papers with more than one author, the name of a Corresponding Author is required. The Corresponding Author assumes full responsibility for what is stated and signed.

More specifically, and by way of example only, the Speaker/Author declares, under his/her own responsibility, that in the proposed conference materials:

  • there are no names and/or surnames (or parts thereof) or initials of patients or their family members, and this is also the case of images related to diagnostic examinations (e.g., X-rays, CT scans, etc.);
  • there are no specific dates of hospitalization and/or discharge, only reporting the year or generic time intervals;
  • the images shown are duly obscured in the parts that may allow the identity of the person portrayed to be traced (e.g., face, special marks such as moles, scars, tattoos, etc., personal items such as jewelry, clothing, etc.);
  • the lecturers’ reports (limited to CME events) must not contain references or allusions to names of drugs or medical devices, as well as to names of companies producing drugs or medical devices. The Speaker/Author warrants that he/she has full ownership of the authorial rights of the work or the express authorization from any third party holder of rights on the same to exhibit it at the congress event, also in direct online mode (webinar) or from web platform in deferred mode, and to authorize Organizing Srl Unipersonale to its publication in the events area of its institutional website, indemnifying as of now Organizing Srl Unipersonale from any liability, direct and/or indirect, for actions, requests and claims by third parties (at any time, form and location), both in relation to the publication, and as a result of the possible identification of additional claimants, due to violations of the current regulations placed to protect Intellectual Property and Copyright.

The Speaker/Author also declares that any use of the logos shown on the material to be presented at the course (e.g.: slides) has been authorized in advance by the respective body/institution.



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